is to enhance employees’ health through integrated workplace solutions that improve mobility and increase mindfulness, allowing them to rewind, realign and rejuvenate easily. This ultimately leads to more productive and engaged employees, with WorkFit continuing to partner in your organization’s growth.

Leadership Team of WorkFit



Jay has dedicated his life to the pursuit of fitness, health and overall well-being. He has a reputation for making an impact on and transforming the lives of junior and elite athletes, patients who have suffered physical injury, and those who simply want to improve their health and/or appearance. Jay has had over 20 years of experience in the health & fitness industry in management and training. He is the founder and owner of Dynamic Health & Fitness since 2001. He is credentialed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute. Jay currently serves as CEO for the technology company GoMotive, and has developed mobile apps ranging from office wellness to on-demand exercise in the home environment.

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Ralph has dedicated his career to guiding leaders, teams, and organizations. For nearly 40 years, he has successfully coached organizations to achieve their full potential, helping them recognize and eliminate performance barriers through self-reflection and experimentation. His career includes leadership roles at Carrier Corp. and Coopers & Lybrand before forming his own consultancy practice 27 years ago. He enjoys breaking new ground and playing the role of a disrupter, and that is what attracts him most to his ownership role in WorkFit. WorkFit provides an unparalleled opportunity for companies to significantly move the needle on engagement and productivity, simply by employees integrating 15 minutes of light movement into their day. Ralph understands the long-term positive effects of integrating renewal in the physical, spiritual, mental, and social/emotional dimensions of our lives as a driving force towards sustained performance.

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Ralph Bott’s business career began in manufacturing at Chrysler’s NPG Division and then moved to Carrier Corporation, were he worked in various business functions. As an executive global leader within United Technologies Transicold, he led a worldwide aftermarket operation for 15 years.  Throughout his 40-year career, Ralph was a leader who grew businesses by satisfying customers, working with various functional disciplines at all levels and focusing on continuous improvement. Beyond his position as a business leader, he held roles guiding organizational development. He holds certifications in both leadership and organizational development, as well as team and employee development that he utilized to coach and train others. He was a driving force in the corporation focus on quality and competitive excellence.  Ralph is an outdoors enthusiast. He believes people need to maintain balance in their lives; he is active as a National Ski Patroller and enjoys many outdoor activities to maintain his health. When he became aware of the WorkFit program, he quickly saw the benefits it can bring to the workplace for those who sit for hours or have limited time for movement to stretch and stimulate their bodies.

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