What Space Requirements Does The Room Need For Installation?

WorkFit was designed to be comfortably operated within minimally a 10×10 space.

How Many Pieces Of Equipment Come With The Kiosk?

Each kiosk comes with a True Stretch, Power Plate, Ergo Chair, 2 sets of dumbbells, and a TV. Upon enrollment your WorkFit Coordinator will set up install of all equipment. You just provide the space.

How Many Employees Will a Kiosk Hold?

Each WorkFit Session is designed within a 15 minute time frame, with a 5 minute transition in between. Looking at a 10 hour daily availability and employees utilizing the kiosk every other day, each kiosk will service 50 employees. If user- ability increases another kiosk is recommended.

Is The Equipment Leased Or Purchased?

All equipment is purchased upon enrollment.

What Is The Warranty For The Equipment?

WorkFit will provide a 3 year warranty for all equipment.

What Is The Benefit Of The Power Plate?

The power of whole body vibration is two-fold: Circulation and Up-Regulation.
The circulatory benefits are related to increased skin blood flow due to the demand of the areas of the body on the plate. Common movements within a WorkFit session are with 1 or both feet placed on the plate. The vibrations move up the body creating a higher demand on the lower extremities and hip regions, which are areas of the body that are dormant with long durations of sitting. Increased circulation can improve energy and enhance recovery within the body.
Up-regulation is related to the nervous system. When an individual performs movements on the Power Plate their proprioceptors (nerve endings located on muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and more) sense the vibration as a new stimuli challenging their body position and ability to move. They respond by sending signals afferently up to the brain requesting the brain process this new stimuli and respond. The response is to “turn on” more help. This up-regulation means dormant regions of the body are awoken and called into action. The result – better conditioning results in less time.
We believe that WorkFit with the help of whole body vibration can make more of an impact in less time (vs non-vibration) – that impact is more energy, and a body that is more mobile and flexible. Obviously as you know, just the opposite of prolonged sitting.

What Is The Benefit Of the True Stretch?

The True Stretch was designed to enhance the flexibility and mobility of the body through support. The True Stretch creates an environment with 4 points of contact. Hands and feet are touching the platform or bars providing safety and security. An environment that enhances the bodies ability to focus on the goal – Flexibility & Mobility without worrying about falling.

What Internet Connection Is Needed?

The kiosk is powered by the Apple TV which requires either a strong Wi-Fi connection or an ethernet connection.

Is WorkFit an App?

Yes, the WorkFit app will be downloaded to your Apple TV upon installation.

How Does An Employee Reserve The Kiosk

Each employee will receive an invite to our companion app – DHF Fit upon launch. The employee will be able to access the app on a desktop at dhf.gomotive.com, or on an iOS or droid comparable device. When the employee receives the invite, they will be directed to access the app via the above platforms of choice. On the homepage of the app, their is a schedule button that the click and reserve. It is that simple!

How Is The WorkFit Kiosk Personalized?

Once the employee reserves their time slot, and logs into the kiosk with their personal credentials the WorkFit system recognizes them. The employee name will be visible upon entry into the app. They answer a few personalized question on the state of their day thus far, and the app creates the workout.

Are There Updates To The Software?

Yes, there will be maintenance updates routinely to enhance ability of the app as well as program updates. All updates are free of cost with the three-year license agreement. After three years there will be a minimal license offering to maintain the latest software. Your WorkFit coordinator will keep the human resource department updated with new software updates.

Does WorkFit Provide Tech Support?

Yes, we have 2 platforms for support. 24/7 support via the ZenDesk, questions will be answered within the day. For more pressing immediate maters you will have live contact with your WorkFit Coordinator.

What Is The WorkFit Methodology

The WorkFit conditioning program is based on the principles – strategies – techniques of Applied Functional Science powered by Gray Institute. AFS is the convergence of the physical (world we live in)/biological (our body)/behavioral (mind & spirit) sciences.

One of the primary movement strategies that WorkFit utilizes is know as the Matrix Performance Systems. The system is designed to integrate flexibility, balance, and strength by challenging the body to move at different angles, planes, and distances from the starting point. Movements such as lunging, reaching, and squatting are utilized to Rewind, Realign, And Rejuvenate the body.

For more information visit www.grayinstitute.com

Is WorkFit A Weight Loss Program?

No, WorkFit is a movement based program designed to disrupt the negative effects of prolonged sitting. It is designed to improve the mobility and stability of the whole body.

Is WorkFit A Physical Therapy Program?

No, although the principles, strategies, and techniques are similar to physical therapy it is by no means represents PT. Each employee should seek advise from their medical practitioner prior to getting involved into a movement program.

Do Employees Need To Bring Workout Clothes?

No, the movement program was developed to integrate within the workflow – that means staying in your work clothes. We believe this will help with user-ability. The only limitations is footwear, heels are not appropriate.

What If Employees Have Goals Outside Of Movement Strategies Within The Work Day?

The WorkFit software was developed to include additional e-course offerings for those who would like to participate. Courses that are designed to having the individual move more, and learn how to fuel their bodies better for whatever goal they might have. Individual coaching will also be integrated in the software for employees to participate in if they choose.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, through our third-party vendor B2B Funding, for an application contact your WorkFit Coordinator.