The Variability of Sitting

The principle of individuality in the office is driven by our varying body sizes, the way our body has moved in the past, and the way we desire to sit throughout the day. Our various forms of sitting create an impossible hurdle for ergonomists. How do you like to sit through the day?

The Variability of Sitting

  • Static / Single-Focused Sitting: An example of this form of sitting is an office worker whose eyes are fixed to a screen. Very little deviation occurs for this form of sitter.


  • Dynamic / Multi-Task Sitting: This form of sitting demands the ability to answer the phone, look at a screen, organize files, and reach for the copy machine.


  • Conversational Sitting: Office and board meetings typify this form of sitting, which allows for more freedom as individuals are not tied down to a desk. Board room tables, sofas, and restaurant-style tables invite various postures.


  • Leisure Sitting: This form of sitting is usually done after the office – nothing speaks to a day of sitting better than sitting in a recliner or couch watching a screen!

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