What Can I Do At My Desk To Release My Headaches?

One of the biggest workplace disabilities are tension headaches and migraines. Unfortunately, there can be a gambit of reasons of why they are brought on and not all of them are work related.

Tension headaches and migraines can occur from a lack of quality sleep therefore robbing your body of the restorative powers of sleep. Anxiety can trigger migraines such as ocular migraines with aura, as well as create muscular tension throughout the body. Prolonged sitting can cause postural demands that shorten muscles around the upper back and neck area creating the perfect environment for headaches. Improper hydration with poor eating habits with a dependency on caffeine is just another catalyst for headaches and migraines.

Headache Strategies

*It is important to note, headaches and migraines can be something that is very serious. Always speak to your medical healthcare provider and discuss your symptoms for a thorough evaluation.

  1. Partake in Restorative Exercises such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation, and focused breathing exercises
  2. Hydrate with at least 50% in ounces per total bodyweight. Example if you weight 150lbs. drink 75oz. daily
  3. Create a sleep ritual to optimize the benefits of sleep. Ideas are limiting screen time before sleeping, light stretching prior to bed, lavender scents, reading, and more
  4. Utilize a cervical mobility drill such as video below throughout the workday
  5. Get up once and hour and move
  6. Eat foods that can promote natural energy such as fruits and vegetables

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